Comedian John Crist Poster

For an upcoming event, comedian John Crist is coming to the Finger Lakes area. I have been tasked with doing the promotional pieces. One of the pieces I'd like to highlight is the poster I did. John Crist is one of the more "edgy" stand up comedians that pokes fun at his christian upbringing and christian culture. This inspired the idea for the diagonal text, to emphasize on the wild and fun direction he's comedy can take. 

2015 Grassroots Festival

Good Morning,

I got the chance to work with CoBP Designs and meet a deadline for the 25th Annual 2015 Grassroots Festival (boy, is that a mouthful!). This year, Brian decided to continue with a magazine style for the events much like Art and Anthropology had done previously. With many hours of dedicated work, we were able to pull off a great editorial!

I've selected some samples of pages I worked on (and peak inside the magazine!)


Evie's Birthday

Good Morning,

These past few days, I've been marinating on what I would make for my best friend's daughter's birthday. She's turning two, so the gift is really for the family. I did some research and found the cutest picture of Evie in a chicken costume and I tried my hand in oil painting. It was a lot of fun and, I'd say the outcome was quite adorable.