HanK's Ice cream and Grill

Hank's is family-friendly restaurant based in Webster, NY. They are a traditional burger and fries joint that also serves ice cream is involved with the community and sponsor local sports teams.

Hank's wanted to refresh their brand and wanted to keep a penguin as their mascot, pink as their primary brand color and be approachable to all generations.

They strongly wanted to maintain a family-friendly brand, giving enough attitude to attract the sports enthused youths while simultaneously being a comfortable place for down-home adults.

After much research, concept development, revisions and scratch starts, I finally developed a brand that met the needs of the client. I created a penguin using three simple elements; mohawk hair, sunglasses, and a beak. The penguins sunglasses change based on the product (pink: brand, purple: ice cream, blue: beverages). The simplicity is approachable but the elements give it enough attitude.

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