Tribal Winds β€’ Youth With a Mission

YWAM Tribal Winds is a Discipleship Training School started by a husband and wife. Based in Arizona, the organization works with the Hopi people, and occasionally with other tribes along the west coast. Tribal Winds connects students to Native Americans who currently live on reservations and allows students to learn first-hand of Native American culture, struggles and hopes.

After going through the school myself, I had a unique insight of how the organization ran, who the program directors were and gained a richer understanding of their mission. The result of the brand stemmed from one important focus; culture. My vision was to create a brand the proudly displayed the colors, designs and character of their mission.

Following the footsteps of our ancestors, the brand was graphic based, using symbols and designs to capture the audience. The identity was strongly influenced by the primary colors; red, yellow and blue and inspired by the β€œflow of life” through the never-ending circle. The brand is as uniquely shaped as the journey each student comes to discover during their time there.

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